Custom wood fireplace mantels made from rustic wood

 Rustic wood mantel 

Rustic wood mantel 

Rustic wood is always a great way to make wood fireplace mantels;

In the process to make fireplace mantels the rustic wood is sanded down carefully to remove all the splinters. 
With rustic and reclaimed wood, we can create beautiful fireplace mantels, wood ceiling beams, and more furniture, wood brings a contemporary look in any home, coffee shop or restaurant. Especially those places that were built many years ago, with wood it’s going to look stylish and unique.

Rustic wood considerations: 

It’s very important to consider the space and illumination, if the place is no too much illuminate you can decide for a light stain color, to create a contrast, same if the place is light it’s better a darker color.
We make the wood mantels hollowed out; with this option is easier for homeowners to install them, they need a two by four piece of wood, which it’s available at Home Depot,  just need the length, is also needed a screwdriver and some screws. 

Where our wood comes from:

Our rustic, distressed, reclaimed and barn wood comes from different locations:

  • New Jersey
  •  New York
  •  Connecticut and Pennsylvania, VA, Maryland or Delaware, it depends on quantifying and wood species. 

Rustic wood fireplace mantels made of real wood by wood touch in New Jersey, our wood mantels can be delivered to NJ, NY, LI, CT, PA, VA, DW, MD

Our team is experimented and down to help customers when they have a different style, at Wood Touch, it can be done.
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