Custom cedar gates in New Jersey NY, New York NY

All of our Cedar Gates, Fences Barn Doors are handmade by experienced craftsmen and can be made to any specification, guarantee quality and a professional service from start to finish; from the initial consultation, to the manufacturing and right through to the installation.

As part of our excellent service, we provide free estimates to anyone with a no obligation quote. This means if you’re looking for custom wood gates, barn doors Solid Wood Tables, Restaurant Tables, Coffee Tables, Counter tops Farm Tables and more in New Jersey or the surrounding areas, you can find out the cost of your requirements before you commit.

Custom Cedar Gates 

As well as specializing in woodworking in New Jersey, we also produce, any kind of wood projects.  If you’re looking for added safety and security to your home or business, our Custom Wood gates, doors and fences in New Jersey may just be what you need. Or, if you’re merely looking to improve the aesthetics of your home, similarly, adding a gate can do the trick

Cedar Gates.

 Cedar Board on Board is the option that will provide the most security and privacy, and also is the sturdiest and most stylish gate option available. This is our top-of-the-line custom gates, and there are many options to upgrade it even further, including decorative ornaments and added trim, to give you a completely custom fence. We use only the best materials available and do not take short cuts to cut our cost. Using the best materials makes a big difference, not only in the overall look of the cedar gate, but also adds years to the life of the gates. It is our goal to build a gate that will last. We stand behind our privacy gates!