Custom Wood table tops, hardwood tables.

Custom wood table tops, are you seeking modern wood table tops with a rustic and contemporary look? Wood touch creates custom wood table tops, wooden desktops with a rustic, reclaimed and barn appearance using the best hardwoods in NJ, NY, CT, PA, LI, MD, DE, VA.

Custom wood tables, Wooden desktops 

At Wood Touch our hardwood tables, custom wood desk tops made of traditional woods is a lot more durable than cheaper alternatives which tend to be made from cheaper or engineered products such as plywood. Traditional woods such as oak or mahogany are very strong they are less prone to warping, scratches or dents. This makes them a better choice for our solid wood tables, we make custom wood tables using: reclaimed wood, black walnut, cherry, maple and more woods.

Furthermore, Wood Touch offers you a great range of distinctive wood table tops, hardwood table tops rich colors to choose from. With just a little love and care, your solid wood furniture could easily be passed down to the next generation giving them the best treatment. Our hardwood tables wood table tops are timeless. While your neighbor’s chain-store furnishings may quickly go out of style, you can rest assured that our real wood piece will be still be around and still look appealing many years from now.  

Custom wooden benches 

Wooden desk tops

 Black walnut slab tables 

Black walnut slab tables 

However, choosing the right wood table top is more important because it plays a vital role in the family home. As you and your family gather around the table, you’ll soon come to love the strength and beauty that you can only get from solid wood. Take your time to browse through our site, and you’ll find a variety of forma; room wood table tops that we are sure you’ll find value for your home.

Wooden species we work with:

  • Black walnut
  • Ambrosia maple
  • Wormy maple
  • Spalted maple
  • Cherry wood
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Hard pine
  • White and red oak
  • Ash and more.